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Hi there... basically i specialize in somewhat of a hyper realistic digital art.... My inspiration comes from the void of space so i love drawing stuff involving stars and heavenly bodies. Currently i am not bounded by any studios so i am freelance artist that's happy to do logo works, book illustration and basically anything involving digital art ... If you need something hyper saturated and is super impactful at first glance then i am your rock... Keweljewel is the name and bringing your dreams and imagination to life is my game❤


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My Story

Hello My name is Romero Griffiths, I am a digital artist currently living in Spanish town St Catherine, i use to reside in Kingston Jamaica until my parents made the decision to move which i think was a good one. At the time of me writing this which is 3;46 PM November 3 i am 25 years of age standing at a whopping 6.5...i know pretty unusual for a artist to be that tall that's kind of one of the reason my journey was filled with so many criss cross with person telling me to go into basket ball and do something athletic with my height when my soul really just wanted to be a creative...


I use to attend Excelsior High School from the year 2009- 2014 and then immediately went on to Edna Manley to try an achieve a Bachelor in fine arts but circumstances happened and i wasn't able to keep up with the fees, had to stop 2 years in so 2014 to 2016 was my Edna run... i did learn a lot from my little time there though , i learnt about how to improve my skills by studying and practicing gesture drawing which is still a strong practice in my life right now... After stopping from Edna i was at a point in my life that i had no idea where or what i should do then my mom came around and tried helping me the best way she think she could and that was by helping me to learn a trade (at this moment i felt like art wasn't a viable option because of all the negative notions that came with being an artist....that i would constantly be struggling in life  and i didn't want that so i decided to put down the pencil and tried learning a trade). This is when i started my time at HEART and was able to work for NWC thanks to there placement..... it was a very stressful and hard work, had to constantly be in the sun all hrs of the day and sometimes coming across person that would totally ruined your day but i think that period of my life help me to grow a little, It gave me a good insight on how my Jamaican people are, from all areas of life which was pretty interesting but i later started to feel out of place while working there, almost felt as if i was not using the talent i was brought on this planet to use, lucky for me it seemed like the project was also coming to a close and i would be let go after 2 years of working there 2017- 2019 i was being let go and it did kind of make me happy, like working there actually open my eyes to the type of living most persons were subjected to, but they are still happy even then... Made me wonder if giving up on art just because person said it would make me struggle was a bad move....


After being freed from NWC that's when "Covid Pandemic" started and i was spending a good majority of my time online so much so that i notice that there were literal art lessons all over the net and people saying that you don't need a degree to be a successful as an artist you just need to build your skills up to a level and people will notice...Me now seeing this and have been wasting all my time watching vloggers and YouTube comedians felt like i was totally betraying myself like how have i not notice these tutorials i could have been leveling my skill instead of watching stuff that wont benefit me, then i stumble upon digital artist, more specifically "Ross Draws" and i was totally hooked, like in my head doing what he does entertaining person creating worlds and getting people to love them along with teaching... sounded like a dream job to me.. So at that moment i made up my mind to try and reach a level like that without the guidance of traditional schools.. Day in and day out i would be reading digital books watching resources with the assistant of my friends totally ignoring calls to hangout because in my head i felt like i have been wasting so much time already so i had to make up for all that by pushing myself now and then afterwards when i am finally at a good place in my life i would chill and relax a little.... Started my journey in 2019 and it is now 2021 i can safely say i have seen improvements, still am finding it hard to get clients but i am happy the reactions from friends my art is receiving, not sure what the lies behind the horizon but aslong as i am doing something i love i will be happy. I should have had this realization years back but better late than ever lol... This is Romero aka Keweljewel thanks for reading and watching my journey.                                                               ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* 🌜✦🌛 *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(913) 303-7112

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