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Who Are We

 Commission Open

*Book Cover Design                   *Character Design         *Photo Edits
*Digital Portraits/Illustrations   *Twitch Emotes/Badges  *Video Edits  
*Logos                                       *Banners
*Flyers/Posters                          *Background design


How to get started

You can start by filling out the required information on the
CONTACT ME* form and I will add you to a que in
COMMISSION PROGRESS* where you will be able to see the current artworks I am working on and how close I am to your project in the line up, make sure to send in a reference image if you have any for the type of style you would like me to emulate after filling out the contact form... NOTE that additional characters in gray scale will cost 100$-160$ and colored 200$-260$ background included, Also note that any works involving creating a flyer, logo and editing of any kind will be charged 40$ an hr.

All Clients are required to pay half of the money upfront, I only accept payments via PAYPAL and BUY ME A COFFEE in USD. You will  receive a sketch first before sending in payment, after everything is confirmed then I will begin your work if I am not currently working on anyone else projects. I will also send in progress shots of your work for feedbacks. This method is not included when doing flyers, editing and logos as these are charged hourly.

Terms of Service

*Don't pay before confirmation of the commission.
Will not! draw anything nude, nsfw or gorey.
*Please be patient with me, my schedule gets busy at          times.
*You are allowed to share the artwork on all your social      media.
*I am allowed to use the artwork in my portfolio and            social media.
*If the work is completed and you're not please you will      receive back half the money sent and the other half            will stay for time spent on the piece.
*I am free to decline your commission.


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